The things we see on a trail camera!

We were a bit disappointed that we were not getting all the information we hoped for with the Simmonds’ trail camera at ‘water corner’ on still photos, so yesterday John switched it to video mode.  Look what is on the card today – just 24 hours of action!
There were 31 x 10 second shots and among them these two.

Here we have two parents and then at the end a juvenile following them down to the water.

Unfortunately the latter is in infra red so we do not know which birds exactly but you can tell that the first bird in shot is the male with a metal band on the left leg and then the female.

weka family Jan 2017


One could say that 0994 might be soft porn – but it is weka not humans. In the next one, though in colour it has such a flurry of feathers that we do not know which birds those are either!  Certainly the female has a white band but what else?