Those Te Papa Road weka babies and other news

B/Y and Y/R – Boy and Yorica –  are being seen most days in Te Papa Road with their latest family, their third for this breeding season.  The juveniles are brown and fluffy and about half the size of their parents.  The ‘teenagers’ from the second family are still around but their father chases them off if he can. Tony Beauchamp was here for three nights over the first 2011 count and was... Read More | Share it now!

More chicks in Te Papa Road

Boy (Blue/Yellow) has been seen on more than one occasion with three small chicks, possible about a week old.  This is his scond hatching of the season, having had two chicks earlier with Yellow/Red (Yorica).  Y/R has not been seen with the new family but we can assume she is the other parent. A lone young unbanded bird has been seen in the road at two other properties over the last week;  this could be a... Read More | Share it now!