Predator Control

The main recognised threats of Weka are starvation during droughts, and predation by mustelids, especially ferrets.

Weka are often killed by uncontrolled dogs.

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In Kawakawa Bay, Weka Watch now have more than 13 kilometers of trap lines on the land behind Waiti Bay and Tawhitokino Beach.  More than 100 DOC traps target a number of predators; ferrets, stoats and weasels, rats and hedgehogs.  All these pests threaten the long term survival of weka by killing adult birds and their chicks or by destroying their nests.

Rats, hedgehogs, and possums also compete with the weka for what, in times of drought, can be a very restricted food supply.

Weka Predators

Success! -Ferret trapped in a DOC trapHedgehog - Copythe Woodhams - hunters