December 2017

Weka Chicks

We’d hoped to report to you about a number of successful weka families but they are proving hard to find.
Tipene and Sheila have lost one of their two babies but the surviving chick is looking well. It is starting to show the first brown feathers and is past the cute fluffy stage.

The pair at the back of Te Papa Road might have 2 chicks but they are not being seen right now.
Roxy has left Kermit and moved across the ridge to join Whitey. It may take them some time to get into breeding behaviour.

Trapping as a Tourist Experience.

Two young German visitors to the Bay walked the Richardson line with John recently. A fantastic and unique experience they said and they were delighted that they did not have to pay for it!
The views from the trig are amazing.

Do contact WekaWatch if you too would like to cross ‘Predator Trapping’ off your bucket list – it really is free!

Possum bonanza

Te Papa Road and the bush behind has been teeming with possums recently. We are delighted to report that in November the possum population there has been reduced by 17 but we have not got rid of them all.

And the score so far? Timms vs Good Nature automatic resetting traps? Timms 17 – Good Nature nil.





A really old weka

A weka released in the Bay of Islands in 2002 has just been found dead. It had survived on the edge of a small town for 15 years. Where are the granddads in our population? Why have we had no weka living longer than 6 years here? Habitat? Predation? Cars? Poisons? Can we do better?

A Christmas Gift Suggestion

Watch Out for the Weka by Ned Barraud, a picture book for all New Zealand kids, is a true weka story. 

Alf is a DOC hut warden in Abel Tasman National Park whose precious 

watch is stolen by a weka. He needs to get it back. How will he outwit the weka?

Beautiful illustrations take us into the heart of wild New Zealand for a satisfying resolution.

We are delighted to find a book about a weka behaving as a weka and the page of weka facts at the end is a useful inclusion.

We found our copy at Whitcoulls – price $19.99. Highly recommended.

The WekaWatch committee wish you all a merry Christmas and a weka filled 2018!