This month our news is all about the numbers game.

Rats –

Last month we boasted that the trappers had taken 160 rats so far in 2018 but the May rat capture has raised that total for 2018 to 251! We still have Racumin should you need weka-safe (and pet-safe) rat poison. Phone 2922 512 or 2922 221

Weka flock shapes –

By popular request we have more weka shapes available. Undercoated they are ready for you to personalise for $10 each or choose one beautifully painted for $15. Ask Rhonda at the garage for blanks or phone Barbara Strong on 2922 775 to choose your individual masterpiece.

Weka –

The results of the 2018 autumn weka count are out. The graph below shows that the numbers have dropped startlingly over the past 4 years. We know that all weka populations do fluctuate wildly at times; their numbers are affected by weather, food availability, disease, and habitat loss as well as predation pressures. The exact causes for the decline here are unknown though the 2 years of drought in 2013 and 2014 clearly had an effect.

These lower counts should not allow us to relax our efforts to protect these rare birds. Remember North Island weka are classified ‘Nationally Endangered’ by DOC and are rarer on the North Island mainland than NI brown kiwi. Our weka are very special members of the Kawakawa Bay ecosystem!

Remember we can all play a part.

To help our weka please:

  • Drive with care.
  • Keep dogs under control in the weka area.
  • Use weka safe pest control, both traps and poisons.
  • Let us know if you see any mustelids – ferrets or stoats – anywhere around. The mustelids are the worst weka predators. They have a huge home range up to 100 hectares and are devilishly difficult to trap! For weka watchers, ferrets and stoats are Public Enemy Number One!