We have to accept that, if we are to save endangered native fauna, we have to get rid of the animals that can harm them. WekaWatch targets the worst weka predators, stoats, ferrets and weasels and also rats and hedgehogs.    Safe baits became very expensive so we now use only traps.

Timms traps.

Most people are familiar with the bright yellow trap in the photo below. Timms traps are the most effective traps for possums but they are labour intensive as they must to be cleared after each capture.
In the weka area they need to be set well off the ground to ensure weka do not poke their heads inside them.

Victor Professional rat traps.

The best snap rat trap we have found. The bait goes on a bright yellowtreadle so there is a visual lure as well as the smell. Extra strong springs make these sure killers.

DOC traps.

These are the most humane traps available;

we have about 170 of them on our long trap lines
encased in wooden boxes. The only traps in our arsenal that will take stoats and ferrets, they need to be checked
monthly at least.

Good Nature automatic resetting traps.

This possum still has to climb the tree!

There is a lot of publicity about these recently
developed traps and we are often asked why
we are not using them.
We’ve had mixed reports on their effectiveness
and do not want to invest in them until they are
proven as they cost 5 times as much as a
Timms trap! They have a gas driven pin that
instantly kills the predator and then retracts
automatically so the trap is ready for the next
We have been loaned two of these and have set them up with a trail camera to spy on them. It is early days and at time of writing we have not had any success though we have photos of possums taking a keen interest in them.

New trappers always welcome!

If you would like to be part of the WekaWatch trapping team do let us know! There is plenty of work for all!

Rats and possums are everywhere!

Want to launch a predator war on your own property?
Talk to us if you would like help with traps or poisons.

WekaWatch encourages the use of Racumin, a rat bait that has no secondary kill for pets or wildlife. Contact us for Racumin – $11 a box.


Remember WekaWatch has a Timms trap to lend to residents bothered by a possum. We will help with
setting it up to ensure it is weka safe.
Either phone 2922 512 or email wekawatch@paradise.net.nz