B/Y and Y/R – Boy and Yorica –  are being seen most days in Te Papa Road with their latest family, their third for this breeding season.  The juveniles are brown and fluffy and about half the size of their parents.  The ‘teenagers’ from the second family are still around but their father chases them off if he can.

Tony Beauchamp was here for three nights over the first 2011 count and was successful in banding some more of the unbanded birds in Te Papa Road, bringing the total of new band combinations for us to watch for to 6 (5 of these juveniles from this season), and the grand total of banded birds to 18.  Of those banded a year ago  about 6 have wandered off and are no longer being seen.   We are keen to hear of any weka with coloured leg bands being seen anywhere in the Kawakawa Bay area.

Two reliable reports from the wider area. 

A weka crossing the Kawakawa Orere Road close to Cashmores Number 1 Bridge.

A couple from Orere Point whio have had a weka in their garden, and so know what they are looking at, saw two groups of weka totalling 6 birds near the second cattle stop on the raod into Tapapakanga Regional Park, at about 1.30 p.m.  has anyone else seen thses birds??