The 24th April 2015 was a beautiful day with a slight wind blowing as John and his new recruit Denise went out to check the traps on trapline D.

P1050488The bait was gone in most of the traps but four held remains of rats and one a hedgehog.

John carefully cleaned out the traps anP1050490d re-baited them with freeze dried rabbit bait (FDR).





The scenery was stunning along the ridge above Waiti Bay, with spectacular views out to sea.


But walking along deserted Tawhitakino Bay with the tide lapping at our feet was amazing.

No Weka were seen on this trip, but we did hear some scuttling in the undergrowth near where a trap was being cleaned, followed with some calling close by!

With John and all the volunteers helping with these traplines, hopefully, in the not too distant future, Weka will be seen and heard a great deal more.