Local predator control gets a huge boost!

It is great to see weka safe predator control in the local area getting support from Auckland Council. A proportion of our conservation targeted rates along with funding from the Franklin Local Board is supporting a number of local trap and bait days.

It was the turn of Orere Point and Kawakawa Bay last month. It was encouraging to see how many people took away baits and toxins. If used correctly these will help control possums and rats in our area, at the same time keeping our domestic pets and native wildlife safe.

It would be great to hear how many people are successfully trapping rats and possums in the Bay.

WekaWatch picked up one or two new tools including some chew cards. These are small cards of Coreflute (corrugated plastic) filled with a tasty non toxic bait. Nailed to a tree they are tempting to various animals on the ground.

Different animals leave different tooth prints in the card and it is a great way of finding out what is wandering around. No chewing means you are on top of your nasties!

This card on the left has been visited by a hungry rat still to be trapped in the Cotman bush block.