Mural at Raukawa Reserve

Have you all seen our mural? Do stop at Raukawa Reserve and have a good look.
Natasha King’s attention to detail is amazing; not easy on a roughcast wall! What wonderful asset! Remember its message – we need to watch for
weka when we drive anywhere in Kawakawa Bay as some birds have moved away from the relative safety of the Coast Road.
Thank you to Angela Fulljames and the Franklin Local Board and to the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust for your amazing support and encouragement for our project.

Thank you to Steve and all our counters for your efforts over the 3 evening counts. The standard sites did
not give us the call numbers we were hoping for but since then we have had confirmation of another pair at
Waiti Bay. A number of our regular birds refused to call on the official nights! By using the same method
year by year we know that numbers are low, around 10 to 12 adult weka, at present.


Nationwide, 2019 is proving to be a ‘mega mast ‘year. This
means that many trees have fruited heavily in the wet spring
and now there is a lot of food around for the rats. Rat numbers
in all areas are high and

Kawakawa Bay is no exception. Our trappers have caught 63 rats so far this month!!
WekaWatch asks that residents think of their pets and our wild life before they choose rat poisons. Many baits like Pest Off anD Talon will kill any animal that finds a dead or dying rat and eats it.

We offer trial packs of
Racumin bait which has
no secondary kill for $11 a
box. Just send us an email or phone 09 2922 512 to order some.
Full instructions will be given.