The count for the night 8th April was cancelled.
5 count sites are totally inaccessible as the Coast Road is closed to pedestrians as well as vehicles from about 700 metres beyond Te Papa Road.  Here is what the roading team are trying to deal with. 
The fact that residents along there have been told their power is likely to be off for another 2 days tells us that Vector are not expecting to get through any time soon.
The AGM will still go ahead on April 22nd.  2.00 in the Kawakawa Bay Hall.  The next count is scheduled to take place after that – meeting at 4.00 at the mural at Whitford Point.  If you are a WekaWatch member please try to attend the meeting – we need a quorum to run it of course.
By then we will know whether we can access the count sites at the end of Coast Road and the state of the farm land we cross to get to the other sites.  We will advise you all before that date whether conditions are OK for a partial count or whether we will set a series of dates later in the year when things are a bit more normal.
We wish things were not this way.  Thank you for your interest, patience and understanding!