The first  weka count for 2018 is this coming Saturday 17th weather permitting.   At this stage the weather looks to be OK for Saturday though we will update you on this closer to the time.

Thank you to those of you who have already confirmed you can take part.  It is really important to let us know if you will be there – even committee members!   If we know who to expect we can fit people to sites in good time!

Fitness advice

Remember that getting to most sites involves a good walk over farm or forest tracks, mostly uphill, some of these taking up to 45 minutes.  You will be returning after dark over the same route.  This means a reasonable standard of fitness is required.  I find a trekking pole is a good idea for rough ground after dark.

Meeting place – in front of the weka mural on Whitford Reserve, the point between the two bays.

Look for us wearing our WekaWatch yellow vests.

Meet in front of the mural on Whitford Point.



   Please be there at 5.30.




At registration you will be asked to read our safety protocol (attached)  and sign a form to say you agree with them.

We will issue you with

  • Count folder containing report sheet, maps, and instructions on how to get to your site
  • A high viz vest so you are identifiable to the land owners and other counters.
  • Your safety kit (first aid kit etc).  This includes antihistamine tablets for the unlikely situation of a wasp sting.  We have never had a wasp sting in 12 years of counting!

What to bring

Wear strong shoes or boots, warm clothes.  Bring food and a water bottle, something to sit on, a watch or clock, something to write with, a strong reliable torch as you will be walking back in the dark, (and a spare if you have one!), a cell phone if you have one (not all sites have coverage), insect repellent


We expect all counters to report back at the end as we need to know that you are all safely back.  And it is only by telling us how you got on that we can make future counts even more successful!  You do not need to stay for the supper and chat though we’d love you to do so.

 Steve Huggard   Count Organiser