But the Government has publicly stated that it may now change the law to get around the Supreme Court ruling and won’t listen to New Zealander’s like you.   It intends to make changes to the Conservation Act that could well and truly sell nature down the river. With your help we will fight this every step of the way – nature is not for sale and never will be.

Look what we can do when we work together. Thanks to your support we took the fight for nature to the highest court in the land.  And we won.

But with the Government’s proposed disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling I need to urgently ask for your help as we continue the fight. Because our rivers and forests are still in serious trouble.

We need an army of people like you to tell the Government this stops now. Help us get this video on national television on Sunday and for the next two weeks so we can reach a wider audience to ensure nature’s voice is heard.

We demand the Government respects the Supreme Court’s decision, the wishes of New Zealander’s and the integrity of our specially protected conservation lands.  Any attempt they make to change the law will be met with the same determination from Forest & Bird as the Minister of Conservation’s illegal land-swap.

We are putting our first ever ad on national television because what is at stake is so important.  Please donate today and help us get this live so nature’s voice is heard far and wide www.forestandbird.org.nz/defendnature.

Thank you for your time and assistance,

Kevin Hague
Chief Executive, Forest & Bird

PS.  Nature is not for sale. Please donate and share this message today.