SkyStation, Nelson, New Zealand

Little 5 week old Jesse Weka has had a week I’m sure he would rather forget.


It began last Tuesday evening when Jon saw him limping up the road behind Jeffery, Sky and his two siblings. It was clear he was unable to keep up. With a night resting in the nest Jon hoped he would improve.

On Wednesday morning he saw Jeffery and Sky departing off into the bush for the day. He went outside and could see Jesse was still there partially wedged down a bank in a toi toi bush crying.
With a massive 12 inches rain forecast and little hope for him to survive outside 24hours, he brought little Jesse in for some shelter and decided to take him to a vet.
The vet appeared to be not that interested in him (or Jon) and told him little about the cause of the crippling limp. Jon set him up inside in a padded feral cat trap.
The next morning Jon discovered it was Jesse’s left leg knee joint that was swollen. unnamed-1He could also see from the images captured on a night time bush camera unnamed-2set up by Jesse’s cage that he was constantly falling onto his face!
Jon tried again for help. This time he found someone who did care…  an amazing, caring family dedicated to looking after rescued birds, who lived 30km away. After phoning them, Jon was asked to bring little Jesse out immediately.
Their daughter Mana Stretton is a trained vet. Mana is also approved to care for native bird species. Mana and her mum gave Jesse a full check up, before giving him an unnamed-4antibiotic injection and pain killers. Jon left with antibiotics tablets and pain killers.
Two days later (Sunday) his leg joint had continued to swell and Mana ordered him back to the Stretton family home clinic. This time Jesse got his joint drained of infected fluids with a needle, unnamed-5they made him a poultice from grated sunlight soap and sugar! and finally he got another jab of antibiotics in the guts! Ouch! The poor little fella.
Jon and Mana hope they might have got to him just in time. With his inability to move on uneven ground, plus the 350mm rain that did eventuate, combined with the nocturnal predators an injured chick would have encountered outside in the bush alone, Jesse didn’t have a fair fighting chance.
So he still has had a finger in the game. Mana Stretton has also given Jesse all her work and medication for free.unnamed-6
Monday night Jon will take the poultice off and see what’s what.
Lets really hope to see Jesse get well and back to his family asap .. before there are other issues that may come into play.
This week will tell.
Good luck little Jesse.
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