Once again the Clevedon Kawakawa Bay area is in the weather news.  From the 2nd – 4th April 2017 we had about 150 mm – 6” or half a school ruler.  Anyway you look at it that is a lot of rain and it is still raining!
We are watching the situation closely.
As of now the Coast Road from Te Papa Road to the end is closed by slips down onto the road, and by the road slipping down into the sea.   This road gives us access to half our sites – one of these we have already written off as inaccessible after the storm a month ago.  We do not know what the road through the Tawhitokino farm will be like.  There was significant damage a month ago, now cleared.
Access to the high sites across the Deery & Couldrey farms may also be in doubt if further slipping occurs.  We need to check this when the rain ceases.
Volunteer safety is important to us – and to you too!